ACES Delta brings utility and industrial scale solutions to the marketplace for renewable energy and carbon-free fuels—from production and conversion to storage and delivery. Our innovative green hydrogen technology and unique energy storage capabilities are helping to build the world’s largest renewable energy hub. Located in Delta, Utah, the Advanced Clean Energy Storage hub sits on a natural salt dome with Gulf Coast style caverns that are nature’s ideal containers for long-term gas storage. The site has space for up to a hundred caverns, each of which will store massive volumes of gas. Just one cavern has the capacity to store the entire state of California’s monthly curtailed energy. With our industry-leading solutions, utilities, companies, organizations, and governments have the power to safely access stored renewable energy that can be ramped and delivered at scale, on-demand, with unprecedented consistency. At ACES Delta, we’re making tomorrow’s clean energy goals a reality today.

Green Hydrogen Production

As the world focuses on deeper decarbonization efforts, hydrogen will play a critical role as an energy storage resource and carbon-free fuel. “Green” hydrogen is produced from non-fossil-fuel feedstock sources with no incremental carbon emissions during production.

At the Advanced Clean Energy Storage hub, ACES Delta will produce, store, and deliver green hydrogen for the Western U.S. This green hydrogen will be used to help decarbonize power generation and hard to abate verticals such as transportation and industrial manufacturing.

We will produce green hydrogen by using excess electricity from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, to power electrolyzers that will convert water into renewable hydrogen and oxygen. We will then store the green hydrogen until it is needed for on-demand power generation, industrial applications, and transportation. The renewable oxygen, as a by-product of this process, also will be stored for industrial applications.

Energy Storage

Our Advanced Clean Energy Storage hub sets a clear path to decarbonization. It combines key technologies to create seasonal utility and industrial scale green hydrogen storage that will ultimately enable a 100 percent renewable energy future across multiple energy sectors.

Our energy storage hub’s location in Central Utah is ideal for integrating renewable energy to produce green hydrogen and for delivering green hydrogen to users. Its close proximity to the Intermountain Power Plant and significant high voltage transmission lines enables seamless integration into the Western United States power grid using existing infrastructure. Highway and rail connections will enable us to ship liquefied hydrogen to industrial customers.

With the necessary technologies, assets, and location secured, ACES Delta is on its way to becoming the premier supplier for reliable, affordable, safe, and sustainable green hydrogen for the United States.

Why hydrogen is a game changer for our economy and how we power our world